Starting a Project

Starting a project

Samples should be submitted according to RAPiD Genomics’ Sample Submission Guidelines.

For Capture-Seq projects, please download the most current submission guidelines below.

For RAPiD-Seq projects, please contact us directly and we will provide you the necessary information.

If you wish to receive a quote, please be certain to address the as much of the following as possible in your message

  • What type of samples do you work with?

  • What does your research focus on?

  • Which service(s) are you considering?

  • How many samples are in your population and what is their expected diversity?

  • For Capture-Seq, what is the total # of loci/bp amount of the genome you wish to target?

  • Do you expect your samples to be fully homozygous or heterozygous? 

  • What is the expected ploidy?

  • Is there a reference genome or other genomic resources available?

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