Capture-Seq: Custom Targeted Sequencing

RAPiD Genomics’ Capture-Seq service allows you to selectively sequence genomic regions specific to the focus of your research.  With assistance from a team of expert scientists, you will develop and optimize a targeted assay uniquely tailored to your interests.  Capture-Seq is capable of characterizing as little as 1Kb to as large as 100Mb within the genome and represents an excellent, more efficient alternative to genotyping by sequencing (GBS).

Utilizing available genomic information, as well as existing expressed sequence tag (EST) libraries (or unigene set if available), RAPiD Genomics will bioinformatically identify probes that target your set of unique sequences and genes of interest.

The Capture-Seq approach can selectively target:

  • Genes – with or without introns
  • SNP’s
  • QTL Regions
  • Transposon Insertion Sites

Probes can also be placed evenly across the entire genome or within every gene for GWAS studies.

Capture-Seq provides a flexible approach that can also be utilized for a broad array of applications in research, and data can be used as the basis for custom Flex-Seq assays.


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Flex-Seq: High-Throughput, Low-Cost Genotyping

The Flex-Seq service provides researchers with a platform for selective sequencing of up to 1000 genomic markers in any species.  With an emphasis on scalability, this proprietary amplicon technology is suitable for commercial breeding operations, parentage testing, and other genotyping applications with high-throughput, low-cost demands.

RAPiD Genomics can utilize existing genomic data including previous results from genotyping by sequencing (GBS), SNP chips, and Capture-Seq to design customized panels that target virtually any region of the genome.  The focused approach is an ideal solution for the implementation of Marker-assisted selection (MAS) after SNP discovery.

In addition to offering Flex-Seq assay design and sample processing, RAPiD Genomics also provides bioinformatic support for any application.


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RNA Sequencing

RNA sequencing allows for the analysis of transcriptionally active genomic regions in varying tissues. RAPiD Genomics has developed an RNA library preparation method that provides data on the transcript sequences as well as their relative proportions at the time of RNA extraction.  RAPiD Genomics can also offer RNA extraction Services for certain tissues.

 Standard Pricing:

Number of Samples RNA Library Preparation with Extraction
<24 $185 $235
24-47 $145 $185
48-96 $125 $150
96-384 $115 $140
384+ $105 $130


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Ultra Conserved Elements (UCEs)

UCE’s are regions of the genome that are conserved across distant evolutionary taxa.  The selective sequencing of UCE’s (and their flanking regions) has powerful applications in evolutionary and population genetics studies.

RAPiD Genomics provides targeted sequencing of UCE’s and uses this data to identify genetic markers that are significant for downstream evolutionary applications.  Samples of any quality may be submitted.

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Anchor-Seq: Anchored Hybrid Enrichment Sequencing

The Anchor-Seq service platform is specialized for targeted sequencing of genomic loci across multiple taxa.  Researchers can utilize Anchor-Seq to sequence these common regions for comparative analyses in phylogenomics, phylogeography, and other evolutionary applications.

RAPiD Genomics offers an experienced team of bioinformaticists to assist in the custom design of these multi-taxa panels in addition to sample preparation and sequencing.


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Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS)

Whole genome sequencing, also known as whole genome skimming, is an essential tool for genomic analysis of species with little to no previously available genomic resources.  RAPiD Genomics offers whole genome sequencing with optional additional bioinformatics services for:

  • De Novo Draft Genome Assembly
  • SNP identification

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Next-Generation DNA Library Preparation

In addition to service packages, RAPiD Genomics offers next-generation DNA library preparation as a standalone service.  With an automated lab staffed by experienced scientists, RAPiD Genomics can process thousands of DNA libraries in parallel with high fidelity.

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Bioinformatic Analysis

Once next-generation sequencing (NGS) of the genome has completed, high levels of analysis are often required to derive meaningful information from the raw data.  RAPiD Genomics has a dedicated team of bioinformaticians specializing in customized NGS data analysis for a wide array of applications, including but not limited to:

  • Genome Assembly and Genetic Mapping
  • Transcriptome Assembly
  • Characterization and Analysis of Genomic Markers*
    • Exons
    • QTL Region Analysis
    • SNP’s
    • Insertions and Deletions
    • Novel Variant Discovery
  • Variant Calling
  • Association Studies and mate-pair allocations
  • Genomic Selection Modeling
    • Prediction of breeding values, hybrid values and genetic gains
    • Heritability estimation
  • Estimation of GxE and genetic correlations
  • ChIP-Seq analysis
  • Bisulfite-Seq analysis

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