About us

What is RAPiD Genomics?

RAPiD Genomics develops and delivers innovative genomic applications to agribusinesses. The agricultural, forestry and livestock industries have been increasingly adopting genomic technologies to develop genetically improved germplasm for bioenergy, food and fiber production. RAPiD Genomics enables the application of these technologies by delivering genotyping and data analysis with numerous advantages over competing technologies.


Why RAPiD Genomics?

In the traditional genotyping technology, DNA is analyzed on a specialized device or “chip,” where assays occur.  Genotyping using these technologies is a costly, lengthy and low-throughput process.  Sample preparation requires several days, and only a few samples can be processed in parallel, at a cost of several hundred dollars per sample.  RAPiD Genomics develops simplified and efficient procedure to accelerate genotyping using next-generation sequencing. The technologies we developed permit the analysis of thousands of sample daily at a lower cost than other existing technologies. The company’s improved system also requires less DNA and eliminates the need for proprietary equipment.


Mission & Background

  • Spin-off from plant genomics lab at the University of Florida
  • Create low-cost, large-scale, high-throughput genotyping platforms for any species and number of samples
  • Popularize genomic analysis, so that every laboratory and every breeding program can advance research and genetic gains